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A Beautiful Mind

Posted by Player under Drama

A Beautiful MindIn perhaps what could be Ron Howard’s best film yet (which isn’t saying much), A Beautiful Mind manages to entertain, while at the same time describe the hardships of being an intellectual, and then a mental case, or is it the other way around? The movie won best film at the Oscars, and so it is definitely deserving of being watched in a time when Hollywood really isn’t making many good films. I would argue that this is not a great film, but a good film. Crowe’s performance shows that he deserves more than just the Bruiser stereotype that he has been afforded after doing Gladiator. Connelly’s performance (best supporting actress) is excellent and very deserving as well. The thing to remember about Connelly’s performance is not the lines she has, but the crying scenes. The depth she portrays is what got her the Oscar, not the words, or the smiles.

The film reminded me of what most intellectuals go through, mainly rejection, adoration, and ultimately humility. The movie tells the story of John Nash, a brilliant Princeton math student who tries to create an original thesis, and ends up as a mental case for most of the movie. It is a true story, amazing one at that.

Sound wise, the DVD is formatted with a low soundtrack, and I had trouble hearing the voices. The color is accurate and excellent. Even though Dreamworks co-produced it, DTS Surround was not used, and so the 2 DVD collection seems less than perfect.

On the one hand this is a slow movie where Howard chooses to go for a softer pull than his usual trademark, “Look the character is really emotional now, start crying!” technique so often used in his prior movies like Backdraft and Apollo 13. I’m sure having Crowe’s acting in the scene helps Howard from going straight for the heart strings.

4 out 5 stars

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