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The movie mix tapes…

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It’s just how we roll…

If you are into cinema on any level, you have a list; your calling card. Your movie list, like a good mix tape, denotes your status as a cultivated purveyor of (at least to you) great movies.

We’re just getting started here on this website, and I thought it might be fun to throw out some on the films on my “list” and invite people to agree, laugh at my lack of taste, or to add their own movies to the discussion. Good art like bad is of course subjective to opinion. Every epoch gets the art it deserves, and thankfully, the good tends to grow legs and outlast the bad. I like my senses delighted, my ideas and faith challenged, and most importaintly; I like to giggle like a virgin on prom night at a really good fart joke! It just depends on the mood ya dig? I can be down for the politically relevant commentary found in Clooney’s great Good Night & Good Luck or ready to take drink every time Vince Vaugh says, “money” in the classic comedy Swingers.

If you you spend as much as time as I do parked on your couch with a dvd or PPV movie on the screen, you realize that there are a lot of movies that either because of lack of talent, or the result of coorporate uninspired film making, they seem to be just good enough to hold your attention. So when on occasion that as a movie watcher you run across something that hits you on a lot of different levels; that takes you on a ride, that isn’t a neat little box of a film, where the best buddy dies and the hero gets the girl, you set up and take frackin’ notice!

Hal Hartley’s Henry Fool reamins one of these films for me. I still have this film on VHS which is akin to saying, “Yeah I got that on K-Tel 8-track.” Ahem.

Henry Fool is epic. It’s a messy and inspired piece of film making. Let me be clear, when I say messy, I do not mean to infer that this is a sloppy film, quite the opposite in fact. What I mean to imply is that Henry Fool, is a challenging film, it gets it’s hands dirty. Instead of just throwing up a bunch of flawed people on the screen for effect, Hartley digs deep in these characters nerosis and seems to ask, that if people are broken, can they ever be fixed?

Simon, (played by James Urbaniak) is a quiet and brow beaten garbage man. A chance encounter with the rougish and deeply flawed yet passionate Henry Fool, kick starts in Simon a conduit for expression via the written word.

For some strange reason, this film has been greatly overlooked, if you haven’t seen it yet I highly recommend adding it to your netflix list.

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