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Alien Versus Predator

Posted by Player under Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Alien Versus PredatorWith all the special effects and digital magic, you’d think Hollywood would come out with a decent horror movie. Something really scary, like Alien. Instead they released Alien Versus Predator.

The Aliens are the baddest monsters in the galaxy and so what could defeat them besides Ripley, well how about the cool looking hunter alien, known as Predator? Our journey begins in 2004, when a satellite picks up energy pulses from an island in Antartica. A rich guy by the name of Weyland (yeah, like on the Simpsons), assembles a group of poor scientists and a scout to lead them on this dangerous trek. When they get there, they discover a tunnel has already been made to the bottom of the pyramid that is underground. This does not deter them, and so the venture into the unknown and discover that they have activated a complex battleground test, which is a hunting ritual for the predators. The giant female alien begins laying pods and soon the humans are captured to become host bodies for the aliens. The predators come on the scene and try to destroy the aliens as is their ritual, but over time mostly every one dies of course. The aliens are too powerful.

In between the slow start and stupid dialogue, we get some incredibly cool fighting moves from the predators as they kill aliens, but there is no awesome fight scene like in Aliens or in action films like Blade. Instead we get some rather pathetic fighting at the end and what I guess is the new Ripley.

The movie is rather short compared to Aliens and even the original Predator. This has made many fans think that a DVD release would be an extended cut, and hopefully better action!

If you thought the last Aliens movie was bad, then AvP is even worse! I myself liked the last Aliens film, but as for AvP, the characters suck, there’s hardly any spectacular scenes like in Alien or Aliens 2, so I felt cheated at the end.

2.5 out 5 stars

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