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Along Came Polly

Posted by Player under Comedy

Along Came PollyI guess by now I’m a sucker for Ben Stiller movies, so I took a chance on Along Came Polly, and although the film had its moments, it was not the romantic comedy that I expected from the likes of Stiller.

The film starts out with Stiller as Reuben Feffer, who is a risk assessment manager for an insurance firm. He’s getting married to his realtor who he met only 6 months ago. They go off on their honeymoon where they run into nude Claude, a french scuba instructer, played by Hank Azaria, who is by the way hilarious in this film. Reuben avoids risk like the plague so he goes back to the hotel while his new wife played by Debra Messing joins Claude for a scuba lesson. When Reuben comes back to the boat, he finds both of them having sex, and ends up leaving the island, while his new wife explores her new love.

This of course makes Reuben a joke, not that he was not one already. All this time his best friend, also another walking joke, Sandy who is a failed child actor, tries to cheer him up. Although Sandy’s best line is the Shart, it’s when you fart and a little shit comes out, so it’s a shart. I love that. The two go to a party in which Reuben runs into a flighty Polly Prince (Jennifer Anniston) who he knew in grade school. The two find themselves strangely attracted to one another and eventually make for some comedic scenes, until Reuben’s wife returns and sets the stage for the Third Act in the romantic comedy.

What is disappointing in the film is not really the acting but the flat characters. We know who Reuben is, we know his parents, we know everyone and there simply are no surprises, no real quirks that make characters seem more like real people instead of just roles in a script. The comedy and jokes in general seemed to happen right on queue and Anniston’s Polly Prince (who has a great pornstar name), just never seems to be anything more than another version of Friend’s Rachel Greene. I’m not sure if Anniston can actually deliver a character who is not Rachel, cause in this film, that is all I see. And it makes me yearn even more for Cameron Diaz and her Mary in Something About Mary.

I guess since I already gave away everything, there really is no reason to watch this film anymore. Sorry!

2 out 5 stars

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