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Mix Tapes Part Deux…

Posted by GardenHead under MovieComment

“I will kill you till you are dead from it!” (HotShots anyone? Ah Saddam, how you used to make me laugh…)

Okay this might rob me of my “street cred” nonetheless I admit, to having totally overlooked this guy.

Thankfully it was SPIKETV that turned me onto the brilliance of “Beat” Takeshi Kitano.

The SPIKE show Most Extreme Elimination Challenge, is frackin’ hilarious! I for one cannot get enough of watching large-ish Asian women bang their poor bodies off of a couple of big rollers before doing a face plant in a big pile of mud, or toxic ooze as they say on the show. When watching the show I could not help but wonder who in the corn bread hell is this Vic “Right you are Ken” Romano guy? If like me you are on the short bus, and behind the curve on this dude, let me tell you Takeshi is as great as a film maker as anyone making films in America right now.

I’m gonna wax on just a couple of Kitano’s recent films Kikujiro,and Zatoichi.

When I saw the box for 1999’s Kikujiro, a story about a guy taking a trip with a young boy the first thought that came to mind was that icky Al Bundy vehicle, Dutch, which if you haven’t seen, don’t cos it really really sucked. But I really dug the whole SPIKE thing, so I gave Kikujiro a chance. Watching this movie reminded me of all the reasons I like foreign comidies. Don’t get me wrong, I love the hyper-kinetic energy of Vince Vaughn, praticulairly in Wedding Crashers, where he seemed wound so tight he was about to explode, but the whole Adam Sandler yelling thing is not comedy, it’s crap. And when you take in a character driven comedy like Kikujiro, it really shows you a film that works on so many different levels, it’s sweet, sad, dark, funny, and innocent, and when someone in Kikujiro yells it has meaning behind it, and not shtick.

Zatoichi is a different bit of film making. This is a remake of the Blind Swordsman series of t.v. shows from back in the 1960’s. Watching a film like Zatoichi reminds you of who’s shoulders Tarantino was standing on when he concieved his great Kill Bill movies If you don’t mind your over the top violence and bucket upon bucket of splattered blood paired with interesting character driven conflict and “a plot” than watch this film with your buddies. If you like your stuff a bit fluffy but can still digest some adult themes smattered with a a well made dissertation on play and innocence then kikujiro is for you. But I think you should watch both films, cos they on my list, holla!

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