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Baadasssss!Back in 1991, one of the most controversial movies debuted to packed theatres and in major cities, theatre owners hired armed security guards for show times. That movie was Mario Van Peebles’ New Jack City, a film about the reality of drugs in the ghetto and the people who live in it. But before my time, there was another movie that shook the foundations of race relations in this country and that movie was: Sweet Sweetback’s Baadassss Song. In Baadasssss!, director and main star, Mario Van Peebles recounts the struggle of his father, Mel Van Peebles, to make the most controversial movie of his time.

How to Get the Man’s Foot Outta Your Ass!

Mel has a vision to make a movie that blacks can be proud to walk out of, a movie where the black character is not only true to life, but he also lives in the end. To make the film, Mel sacrifices everything, from his son’s innocence, to his physical vision, to hitting rock bottom, all because the movie is bigger than him, bigger than his misfit crew, bigger than all of them.

Mario Van Peebles not only looks like his father, but he also captures the feel and look of his father’s time. Baadasssss! is a no compromise depiction of the story. From the casual sex and nudity of the time, to the vary assorted characters that made Sweetback the movie possible… I was literally amazed by Mario Van Peebles acting, directing, and the sheer look of the movie. This is one of the best dramatic films I have seen all year! And without a doubt Peebles best film ever!

Besides Mario, the rest of the cast is made up some well known actors like: Adam West and David Alan Grier, there is also a good supporting cast of lesser known actors, and interview appearances by the real people who helped Mel make Sweetback, like Bill Cosby and Earth,Wind, & Fire!

This is one independent film you probably missed, but should consider.

Even if in the end there’s a happy ending, the film still keeps you in suspense until the very last scenes.

4 out 5 stars

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