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Bad Santa

Posted by Player under Comedy

Bad SantaBilly Bob Thornton stars in this unapologetic attack on Christmas Holiday Cheer. As a drunk, lazy, worthless thief, and even less human being, Willie Stokes has given up on life. Now down to his last job with his midget associate, he plans to cash it all in and end it all. But not before he has sex with large women in the dressing room, teaches a pathetic fat kid to stand up for himself, and moves into a house he does not owns. Pretty much Stokes is everything that one uncle, that everyone hates in your family is. He swears at children, pisses in his pants, and has no decency at all.

If you absolutely hate Christmas this movie is for you. If you want cheap laughs then perhaps this movie is still for you, but there is nothing about Stokes that is likeable, so be prepared to just hate some of this movie for being worthless and just plain mean at times.

The best scense are when of course the cops shoot Stokes as he is unarmed and dressed as Santa. Second best is the scene where he beats up a kid by punching him in the face. And lastly, the scene where he, the midget, and the kid all kick eachother in the balls.

There are some good performances by the late Jon Ritter as an uptight manager, and Bernie Mac as the head of mall security.

In the end, most people won’t know what to make of Bad Santa. It is vile and worthless to most people who still think of Christmas as a great time of year.

4 out 5 stars

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