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Underworld: Evolution

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Underworld EvolutionKate Beckinsale is back as Selene, a vampire who has betrayed her kind along with her mutant boyfriend, Michael (Scott Speedman). Evolution picks up right after the first Underworld film. Selene and Michael have fled into the country, where they seek refuge in a hideout, but back home, Evolution’s bad guy Marcus wakes up and will quickly search out the two. From that point on, the story does not matter, because, essentially Underworld Evolution tries to copy Blade II and become just another special effects action film, even if it’s plot fails to make sense and Kate Beckinsale is not much of an action star.

And this last point, I want to emphasize, if you want to be the main star in an action film, you have to be convincing. Beckinsale was a lot better in the first Underworld film where we kept thinking that the Michael character would blossom into something better in the final battle scenes, and much was not expected from the Selene character. Overall though Beckinsale is disappointing in Evolution, where it definitely is seen that Selene is the main star of the film and Michael is more of her sidekick. Not that I have anything against female action stars, but they do have higher expectations. Very few female actors can pull off the action star role, my personal favorite is Geena Davis in The Long Kiss Goodnight and Uma Thurman in Kill Bill. Beckinsale just did not do it for me in Evolution, and maybe it is also because everyone keeps saying how great it is to see Beckinsale, a supposedly accomplished actress, in a latex suit, to be honest I cannot remember one film I have seen Beckinsale in where I said, “Wow, Beckinsale is a great actress”. As an action star she’s decent but not memorable and she certainly does not even come close to Carrie-Anne Moss (Trinity in the Matrix films).

As for the rest of Underworld Evolution, it’s a decent attempt at an action movie, but it is not better than Blade II or Blade III, which are also over the top action films based on vampire themes. The action scenes are a little gory and the werewolves are awesome, and so yes, you can find some entertainment in Evolution. I just wish they would have had a more compelling plot and added some drama instead of more senseless shots of Beckinsale’s backside as she jumps yet again (for no other reason than to show her backside I guess).

3 out 5 stars

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