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Blade II

Posted by Player under Action

Blade III must admit when I saw Blade II at the theatre, the film really felt disappointing, in that I expected more from an action film, but then I watched the DVD Special Edition and changed my mind.

Wesley Snipes is back as Blade, The Day Walker, a half human half vampire who stalks the earth in search of vampires to kill them all. This time he’s in Russia and the vampires seek him out in order to deal with a mutant strain of the vampire virus that is causing some vampires to become Reapers (half-way between vampires and aliens). Blade has just rescued his old friend and father figure Whistler, when he agrees to a temporary truce and leads a pack of vampire hunters to destroy the Reapers. A love story emerges between Blade and Leonor Varela’s character who is the daughter of the grand vampire. From this point on, the action turns somewhat into Aliens 2, and then finally of course Blade is captured and drained of his blood yet again, but somehow escapes and drinks blood, in order to fight the bad guys in what are surely some of the best action fighting scenes ever filmed.

There is just something about Snipes kicking someone around that makes it so appealing, I’m not sure but I think that unlike other actors, Snipes really enjoys “fucking” with people and it shows very well on camera.

The DVD features a DTS 6.1 soundtrack which is a little subdued as far as surround effects, but crystal clear in almost every way. Visually, the special effects seem smoother at home than in the theatre, and the film is not as dark as well. For Blade fans, their is even a second disk of extras and inside info.

There is really two reasons to watch the DVD though, Snipes and the special effects for the Reapers which is truly amazing and interesting for an action film.

3.5 out 5 stars

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