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Blade Trinity

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Blade - TrinityTrinity is the third in the Blade series and is a bit different than the other two films. Unlike previous adventures, BT is not really a horror movie at all and is an action film with a bit of comedy thrown in. It lacks the seriousness of the two other films, which might be good since this is the third film now.

BT starts out with Blade killing the vampires as usual, but this time he gets sloppy and ends up killing a human. This leads to a media campaign and frame up from the vampire nation to get the humans to capture Blade. All alone Blade is then rescued by what can only be described as the Buffy Vampire slayers generation. Enter Jessica Beil and Ryan Reynolds as his rescue team. Blade then learns of the existence of slayer cells that are on his side. Beil plays Whistlers daughter and Reynolds, an ex-vampire turned back human-slash-smart ass. He provides the funny one liners in the film. Along with the gang there’s also Oswald Patton, the funny short guy on King of Queens, but more importantly, the starring supporting role goes to Biel’s Apple iPod which appears in a lot of the scenes. For the vampires, the sometimes appealing Parker Posey is perhaps one of the ugliest vampires you will ever meet. She looks down right unattractive and maybe that is why she is a good villian in the film. There’s also Drake a mystic original vampire who is stronger and better than Blade.

However even with all the good points, Blade Trinity has a thin plot if not a confusing one and somehow the best thing of the entire movie besides seeing Biel almost naked, is Reynolds jokes and the vampire bitch which Posey plays. If that is enough for you, then you probably should see this film. On the whole it was better than Aliens Versus Predator, but not anywhere as good as say The Chronicles of Riddick… Oh wow… did I just say that?

3.5 out 5 stars

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