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Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle

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Charlie's Angels - Full Throttle (Widescreen Unrated Special Edition)There’s something of a revolution in violence going on in the entertainment world, where instead of having female leads playing helpless victim to a male character, Hollywood has instead gotten girls into the main arena with full fist on fist action. Not sure if pop culture icons like Spice Girls’ Girl Power, Cartoon Network’s PowerPuff Girls, or more dramatic films like GI-Jane really lead up to Charlie’s Angels latest films, but one thing is clear: Charlie’s Angels is about pop culture and not leading to any feminist revolution.

Full Throttle is not only marketed for younger audiences, but it is also marketed for men. The characters are hot, sexy women played again by Lucy Liu, Cameron Diaz, and Drew Barrymore in the throws of adventure, fun, and girl fights. There is a sense that the writers watched a few episodes of PowerPuff Girls and wrote a script based off of a spoof of an actual Charlie’s Angels script. But this is of course intentional. The Charlie’s Angels films are about bubblegum fun, not original inventive plot.

The problem however with Full Throttle is that there is not enough conflict in the film to hold the story together and therefore a lack of interest in the film is pretty much the end result of this.

Charlie's Angels (Superbit Deluxe) / Charlie's Angels Full Throttle (Unrated Widescreen Special Edition)You can only see so many crotch shots of imagined or not-imagined visuals of the three women before you let out a yawn, thinking wow, when is this movie going to be over.

The movie though has its usual good points. It looks and sounds spectacular. Rich color and a perfect blend of music score is pretty much the trade mark look of Charlie’s Angels. There are a few good scenes and some good humor overall, but the film feels rather hollow.

If you are looking for an air conditioned time away from the summer heat, then Full Throttle might be a good couple hours, but if you want something more meaningful look elsewhere.

Lastly if you want to experience both Charlies Angels movies, check out the Charlie’s Angels / Full Throttle Edition (Superbit Deluxe) DVD.

3 out 5 stars

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