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Female Prisoner 701 Scorpion

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Female Prisoner 701 ScorpionThis 1972 Japanese film will seem a bit dated by today’s standards, especially if you have seen any of the Kill Bill films which borrow heavily from Japanese films as this one. Female Prisoner 701 Scorpion is suppose to be a graphic view of women in prison but today’s sensibilities being what they are, it may actually cause some laughter if you do not take the plot too seriously. And the plot is classic revenge, in which Meiko Kaji plays a young woman betrayed by her first love, a cop who uses her as bait to blackmail the crime syndicate. This leaves the young woman shattered and when she tries to kill her lover, she is then sent to prison where she is known as prisoner 701. In prison, she must survive even more betrayal, and eventually escape to seek revenge on the crime syndicate leaders and ex-lover.

The film features multiple scenes with violence, rape, and nudity. Although much of the violence seems obviously fake, the tempo of the story never wanes, and the film still manages to be disturbing on many different levels. Towards the end, Prisoner 701’s revenge kills are some of the best scenes in the film, for example the crime lord is hung outside his office using his own telephone’s wires is an incredibly powerful statement. Other than the horror, the film tries to present a picture of feminism that is quite daring and open. Prisoner 701 does not only kill men, she no longer needs them either as what little love she has left is only for other women like herself.

4 out 5 stars

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