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Cold Mountain

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Cold MountainMiramax had big hopes for Cold Mountain, it was suppose to be a classic love story, a classic drama, with the usual cast of big name stars, but it’s late release dashed some of its chances for more academy awards. The DVD release of the film boasts an excellent 2-disc treatment, as well as a superb DTS 5.1 soundtrack.

Cold Mountain is the story of two people, Inman and Ada, who would have courted normally and entered into marriage if it had not been for the Civil War. When the two meet in the remote mountain community of Cold Mountain, Ada is the young schooled daughter of the new preacher. She has no mother and so her “woman” skills are severely lacking. Inman is a self-educated young man who becomes attracted to Ada right away. The two barely have time to even hold hands when Inman is sent off to war, but as a parting gift Ada gives him a book and a photograph of herself to remind him of her. He then rushes off to war, and the story line splits between a man who has lost himself in the madness that is war and an educated woman with no survival skills who finds herself alone for the first time after her father dies. While Inman’s story seems reminicent of Odysses return to his family, Ada’s story is the more interesting as she is forced to kindle new relationships with women. She is soon joined by a sparkly and no-man needing Ruby who is poor but know how to kill a chicken and cook it. Together the two rebuild the farm which has fallen from lack of care, and share the occasional moment in which they admit they miss the company of men. Meanwhile Inman is coming back to Ada as best he can and having adventures along the way.

The film tries to show the very real hardships of war off and on the battlefield, from battle fatigue to women left alone with children to feed when there is no food. There is even a bit of mysticism which is most often associated with mountain people narrative, but it is not too overly drawn, which to me felt disappointing as it makes for a better story I think.

Jude Law’s performance as Inman was adequate but not spectacular. His accent never quite believeable and let’s face it, the man’s too pretty to play the part of a tough American soldier. Nicole Kidman was more convincing as the delicate flower Ada, but here too the accent did not quite make it, especially compared to Renée Zellweger’s very southern Ruby.

At the end the digitized crows in the forest scene looked fake and ruined the look of the scene. It would have been better to use real crows.

Overall, this was a love story that was interesting, had some cheesy lines in it here and there, and the drama was good, the dvd presentation is superb, but it just did not strike me as a great film. Others may disagree, especially if you’re a fan of romance movies.

4 out 5 stars

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