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Basic Instinct 2 Trailor

Posted by GardenHead under MovieComment

Basic Instinct 2Okay not much to say about this one that isn’t already out there. You put out a hard R trailor, (do not open up this vid at work!) to generate the buzz that a fifteen year old sequel starring a 50 year old Sharon Stone; the reason being I guess to show that even at the half century mark Ms. Stone’s breasts seem to still maintain a cheerleader type perkiness, and if all that is all you have going for a movie, then well you got the fine makings of an Skinamax Andrew Stevens like crapfest.

After watching the trailor, you really don’t get a sense of what the movie is about, yes Stone’s character still likes dangerous sex and to flash her cooter at a room. She still gets turned on by chicks, and works herself into a tither by taking a wicked looking ice pick to a big block of ass, er I mean ice.

Now Sharon Stone has proved that she is a talented actress. Her turn in Casino was an inspired piece of acting. And in Hollywood once you reach a certain age the roles start to come less and less, so maybe Ms. Stone is taking a risk with this one, and maybe it will be good, or maybe it’ll be another Sliver, guess we get to wait to see!

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