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Posted by GardenHead under Animation

HoodwinkedIs this one as good as The Incredibles? No. Is it as unfunny as Ice Age? No. So there you have it! This one isn’t really that bad, in fact it’s a rather enjoyable movie in the Shrek vein of story telling, where you have this synthisis of fairy tale stuff jumbled together around a plot. And while the plot in Hoodwinked is good, it just isn’t very funny. Neither is the animation up to snuff. The animation is just a smudge better than that of PS2 graphics, and studios like Pixar and Dreamworks have set the bar pretty high for slick and fast looking computer animation that Hoodwinked does not stand up to in comparison.

Having said all that this is a fun flick to take the kiddies to, or if you’re in college and dating a sorority chick english major, and can’t stand setting through yet another chick flick, go see this one!

2.5 out 5 stars

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