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Dung fong saam hap (The Heroic Trio)

Posted by GardenHead under Action

Dung fong saam hapI am a big Michelle Yeoh fan, and the western studios might not know what to do with such a fine actress except to turn her into a Bond Girl (The sole exception being her turn in the sadly uneven Memoirs of a Geisha). This film though, The Heroic Trio is a blast of a film.

The wire work in Heroic Trio is entertaining and well done, you see what the Matrix did with all the actors jumping on walls and spinning through the air, and you can’t watch films like Kill Bill and the Matrix films without seeing that these more modern high bedget films owes a strong debt of gratitude to the comic book-esque stylings of the Heroic Trio.

This film has it all, hot chicks in leather sporting super powers, there’s canibals, and children in distress, the action moves quick and you really get wrapped up in the story.

This is a great film, and if you have not yet checked it out, it is mos def worth a look!

4 out 5 stars

Reader's Comments

  1. Player |

    Well even in her Bond Girl appearance she still bested Teri Hatcher, and got James in the end. The last film I saw from Michelle Yeoh that was Silver Hawk. An interesting action film, but not quite as good as Black Mask. I’ll have to check this one out though.

  2. GardenHead |

    I can lend it to you…

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