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Ultimate Avengers

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Ultimate AvengersI am not sure why it took Marvel this long to come out with a full featured animation film. The expansion of the DVD market has allowed many studios to skip theater releases entirely and market exclusively to the DVD market. Even FOX and ABC market their new television shows to the DVD market and have had great success with 24 and Alias. You would think that Marvel who holds the licences on such popular characters as The Hulk, Captain America, Thor, Ironman, and countless others would have already released an entire library of DVD releases, but alas we are just now getting Ultimate Avengers, and promises of Ultimate Avengers II and Ironman animation releases.

Ultimate Avengers takes the story told in the 2001 comic series release. Older comic readers may find it strange to see some changes in their favorite comic book hero storylines. The most apparant one is that Nick Fury of SHIELD is now a black man instead of white guy. Personally for me the David Banner character is so weak and unlikeable that I found it hard to watch Ultimate Avengers when he had any scenes.

The story line is a bit ridiculous, starting off with Captain America in WWII fighting some aliens that are friends of the Nazi regime. Somehow Captain America is frozen alive in ice for decades, and SHIELD rescues him. Once he wakes up, he finds that his old enemies, the aliens are back and SHIELD is putting together a team to help fight them. The team is made up quickly and lacks teamwork right away. Giant Man, Wasp, Ironman, Thor, and The Hulk make up the team, with Captain America as their leader.

The aliens reminded me of Roland Emerich’s Independence Day, in fact much of everything about the aliens reminds me of ID4. They are not even that important in the story either.

The last part of Ultimate Avengers has The Hulk fighting the Avengers, as they try to restrain him. This is the best part of the entire film both for kids and adults. There is something really cool about seeing The Hulk pick up Thor’s hammer and smack The Mighty Thor around.

The DVD features Dolby Digital 5.1 surround tracks in both English and Spanish languages. As usual the battle sequences are where the 5.1 surround sound really gets used. There are some extras thrown in, like previews and a short documentary, but nothing extraordinary.

3 out 5 stars

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