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UltravioletMilla Jovovich stars as Ultraviolet. “My name is Ultraviolet” and I am totally hot! Well that’s at least what you should be thinking while watching this really ultra cool, ultra fast, ultra everything film about a future world in which people who are sick look so hot and sexy, that you wonder why the healthy people don’t look quite as hot. Other reviewers note that Ultraviolet has no beginning, no end, just middle and that is pretty true. You start with a short description of the sides, the bad guys, the other guys, and Ultraviolet herself. Then it is all action until the end, much like a video game.

There are plenty of interesting visuals, like Ultraviolet’s outfits and hair changing colors, the weapons that come out of thin air, and a motorcycle chase scene which comes straight out of the video game world.

In the storyline, Ultraviolet steals a package from the bad guys, only to discover its a kid! Her mother insticts take over and she ends up protecting the kid from both sides. In the process she almost dies and is reborn to seek her retribution. In other words, the storyline is nothing new and does not even make sense as usual.

The film throws out many themes, but never really explores them. You’d think a film that tries to mention the idea of freewill would have enough freedom to actually say something about it, but it does not. The only thing Ultraviolet really saids is that women can be action heroes, and Milla does it as well as Uma Thurman, and for that we thank her, but you could at least make it more interesting.

3 out 5 stars

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