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Finding Nemo

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Finding NemoOn a Saturday afternoon, I decided to be brave and take both my 5 year old and my terrible 2 year old to see Pixar’s latest film on the big screen. After Monster’s Inc. let me down last time, Pixar actually surprised me this time. Not sure if the colors or fish themselves put people in a good mood, but pretty much all the adults and kids in the theater enjoyed Finding Nemo.


The film tells the story of a father clown fish who loses his son after an argument. On the pursuit of his son, Marlen, the father fish, meets up with Dory, a bluefish played by Ellen Degenerous. Meanwhile Nemo is learning about the world and the real struggles of other fish in an aquarium! Eventually life long lessons are learned by both father and son, all without getting too emotional or corny.

Effects & Acting:
Usually this is where I talk about how the special effects in a movie either thrilled me or let me down, but this is a complete CGI film, so technically the special effects are the acting and the voices. Degenerous does an excellent job of portraying a forgetful fish, and her voice is quite comical and appropriate for the Dory character. In reality what makes Finding Nemo a good movie is not the fish, but the human predicament and emotion being portrayed, and this is what good drama is all about.


Overall Finding Nemo was not as good as ToyStory2, but it was better than Monster’s Inc, because the story is simple and the characters are very expressive. It is also the first movie that my 2 year old watched almost completely in the theater, so in that alone I have to thank Pixar.

4 out 5 stars

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