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Freddy Versus Jason

Posted by Player under Horror

Freddy Versus JasonFreddy Cougar is back, the notorious child killer turned nightmare ghoul and this time he’s enlisted the company of one hockey mask serial killer, known as Jason to help take revenge against the dumber than ever neighborhood teenagers.

Forgetting the big silicone boob victims, the film scores very well in pitting Jason and Freddy against eachother. This is really where the special effects and the real action take place. I would have to say that like most fans, I was rooting for Jason, as he is the more badass of the two characters. Cougar is by all accounts a child praying pervert, while Jason is a kid taking revenge on the world, almost everyone in their right mind would side with Jason.

Story wise the film is not very well written, and the teenagers are not as well defined as in the latest Scream films, in fact most of the teenagers are down right skanky. The main hero of the story is the girl who is living on Elm Street of course, but her character is pretty unimportant other than helping Jason battle it out with Freddy.

Most of the best kills and gore is provided by Jason. The guy just kills so well, that Freddy’s elaborate nightmare settings just end up paling in comparison. I especially liked the part where Jason throws his machete and it pierces a running teenager through the chest.

If you are in the mood for some gore and a little bit of horror, and don’t mind hearing the line, “Welcome to my world bitch” three times, then you should consider Freddy v/s Jason. Even the little grade school kids in front or me were really excited about seeing this film, so you know it is fun when kids are recommending you the film as you walk in.

3 out 5 stars

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