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Garden State

Posted by Player under Drama

Garden StateThough I missed it in the theaters, as I’m sure a lot of other people did, Garden State is one of those films that you either will like and appreciate for what it is or pass on without much malice toward its creater and director Zach Braff (you know the goofy guy from NBC’s Scrubs).

In his debut as writer and director of his first movie, you will be impressed cause Garden State does not look or feel like a first attempt at a serious drama/comedy. As for the story, well it is not exactly all that original, but it is pretty good.

In the story, Zach plays Andrew Largeman, a little known actor who returns to his roots in New Jersey upon learning of his mother’s death. For the first time in years, Andrew decides not to take his meds and just wing real life. Back in Jersey he discovers the same old friends he had are still the same people, but without his medication, he starts to feel again, to feel life as it is unstead of how we want it to be. Part of it is also his new found companionship by Sam (played by Natalie Portman). Sam is herself messed up, but not in the same way as Andrew. The two end up understanding that what they have found in each other is good, even if everything else is messed up. In this part the story is a love story. The other thing to life is that you have to not just love, you have to forgive those you love, and Andrew learns this too with his father.

In the end, Garden State won’t make you happy or make you rethink the world, but it is an enjoyable and somewhat funny movie. It is ten times better than most movies out there, but it is not award winning either. It just is an interesting movie with a good cast and that is why I can’t say anything bad about it, other than perhaps the hype was just that hype. It is a good movie. Not great.

3 out 5 stars

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