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Hard Boiled

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Hard BoiledThis is another classic John Woo film which probably not many people in the US know about. The film stars Chow Yun-Fat as the typical badass cop, Tequila. The plot is pretty thin and by the last thirty minutes of the film you wonder why there is even a plot because the best part of this film is in fact the last thirty minutes and the final scenes are all about guns, guns, guns, and more guns!

The story starts out with Tequila involved in an undercover sting operation to arrest some gangsters who are dealing in illegal arms. We see that the cops end up up killing their own sometimes, because sometimes they can’t tell who is an undercover cop and who is just a gangster. The story then develops into Tequila’s relationship with an undercover cop who has infiltrated the gangs and their shared interest in bringing down the main bad guy. This eventually leads to the last thirty minutes of the film in which the gangster is cornered and he has an entire hospital rigged with explosives and he is going to kill everyone.

The ballet of gunfire violence then really begins and you see Tequila with a baby infant in one hand and a gun in the other as he dodges machine gun fire, explosions, and fire. The gunfire is just endless, and unbelievable! One of the main bad guys only has one eye, and yet he manages to kill everyone he comes across except the main characters of the film. If you wonder why John Woo is known for his violent footage, these action sequences will permanently answer that question for you. You will never see anything that even resembles this violent montage in an American film!

For movie fans that love action films, Woo delivers a stunning and explosive landscape that will truly delight. Think of Die-Hard, but with less plot and more guns.

Alas the DVD release of this film has some shortcomings. I could not even get the DTS track to play and some of the overdubs are just plain bad for some of the languages. The video also seemed less than stellar, but sharper than VHS quality. Available now, is a better Hard Boiled Criterion Edition as well as an even newer Hard Boiled (Two-Disc Ultimate Edition).

5 out 5 stars

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