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Blood: The Last Vampire

Posted by Player under Animation

Blood: The Last VampireBlood is not a full feature film, it’s actually a 40 minute animation which is stunning to both watch and hear. It has been described as a proof of concept, a film concerned with setting the right mood through animation. The story is not fully elaborated on, but what is told is that Saya is a unique girl who kills vampire demons for some sort of secret agency. She has to hunt the demons out and then kill them with her sword. The entire story plays out in Japan, on an American military base.

The film has plenty of interesting animation effects and there are even 3D CGI backgrounds in some scenes. Each frame of the film was actually run through Adobe Photoshop and AfterEffects to produce shadows that set the entire mood of the scene.

Soundwise, Blood features an excellent score and soundeffects have plenty of depth and feel to them.

If you enjoy top-notch animation or vampire thrillers, you should check out Blood.

4 out 5 stars

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