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He Got Game

Posted by Player under Drama

He Got GameIn He Got Game, director Spike Lee tells the story of a promising young athlete Jesus Shuttlesworth and his convict father, Jake, played by Denzel Washington. Jesus is at a crossroads where he must decide on entering the pro NBA league or going to college. He does not know which college either and is being prodded by everyone. To make matters worse his father, Jake, just happens to show up to help him with his decision, but just like everyone else in his life, he also wants something from him.

Jake is a failure of a man. He not only lost his family, but he drove him son further away from him and he must try to rekindle some sort of relationship with his son, not just for his sake, but also for his son to move on. At the same time, Jake also sees that while his son has become a man, he also failed him as a father.

At the center of everything is the game of basketball, the greatness and simplicity of the game, and all the superficialness and greed that happens if you are a superstar in it.

Visually, the film features some superstar appearances from Shaq, Jordan, Reggie Miller and other basketball celebrities. There’s also some nudity that makes the film not appropiate for younger viewers.

The DVD is pretty bare, only a trailer and the feature film are included. The audio for the feature film is Dolby Digital and the score for the film is mostly a combination of rap songs by Public Enemy, but in between, Lee throws in some other tracks to make the film sound more unique than just another rap scored film.

In conclusion, probably not Washington’s greatest performance, but definitely one of the better dramatic films you can see in regards to being a basketball movie, and overall a highly enjoyable drama.

5 out 5 stars

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