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HildalgoI kind of compared this movie to Tom Cruise in The Last Samurai, cause the story lines are similar, but overall I liked Hidalgo better than Last Samurai.

Hidalgo is the name of the horse, a wild mustang, which Frank Hopkins races in the race of all races. As part Native American Indian, Hopkins is conflicted in the beginning of the story, as his actions help lead to the massacre of Indians at Wounded Knee, it is at this time that he and his horse are challenged to enter the 3000 mile race in the middle east.

Hopkins arrives as the only American to enter a race where only the fastest and best stallions ride and where most men do not even survive the race. Hopkins is befriended by the Skiek’s daughter as he tries to learn the rigid culture of Arabs as well as avoid the pitfalls of a 3000 mile race through the desert.

Viggo Mortensen of LordofTheRings fame plays Hopkins and the rest of the cast is very well casted, so the film is very well acted. But I must confess that I can hardly hear what Hopkins is saying half the time. Mortensen plays Hopkins as a quiet American, and as a man of few words.

Visuals throughout the movie look very authentic (with the excepton of CGI scenes, like the leopard scene), but I often wondered if they could have been better. The grandness of a 3000 mile trek through the desert, could lend itself to some very cool backgrounds, but somehow the film delivers only a few.

For the audio, the DVD includes a 5.1 DTS track that is as good as it gets for a drama/action film. Some surround effects though are pretty impressive, even in the first opening scene even.

In the end, I thought Hidalgo was a pretty good film, nicely made, and nicely performed. The story may be more fiction, than truth, but the sometimes it’s really all about the moral of the story, and as movies go these days, this film has a pretty good moral at the end.

3.5 out 5 stars

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