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I, Robot

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I, RobotI, Robot is perhaps the first film I’ve ever seen, where it was made fun of even before it debuted in another film. In the movie Jersey Girl, Will Smith stars as himself and jokingly he refers to his latest movie. But ironically, Will Smith’s film really ends up being just that, a film that could have been about the big questions of life, like what is life? or why are we here?, but which ends up being just another action film.

I’m sure some fans of the author of I, Robot will not see this film based on principle alone, but since I have never read the original book, (although I have read some of the short stories,) I took a chance and sat through the film.

The story begins with Will Smith’s character. A homicide cop who is divorced and who has a prejudice against robots in general. It is he who is called to an apparant suicide at US Robotics, who is the world’s most powerful company. The company’s co-founder and chief scientist has just killed himself. USR is about to unleash it’s biggest rollout of their new NS-5 robots, but Smith thinks the suicide was really a homicide and all clues point to one NS-5 unit who just happens to be very unique for a robot. Eventually all events lead back to USR headquarters where the real enemy is revealed, and when of course all NS-5 units go crazy.

Will Smith proves that even if the script sucks, that he can still act and that he is still one of the most charming actors in Hollywood. It is his charm that makes I, Robot watchable. His supporting cast is mostly terrible or one dimensional characters without depth. The robots have more depth in this movie!

The special effects are actually not very believable. The Robots are all CGI animations, and although they are very cool looking, their physics sometimes boggles the mind, more than it amazes it.

In some moments, the film stops and asks some deep questions, but the answer never comes, and instead some more action takes place, which makes me think, the action movie was more important than understanding the human dilemma.

I, Robot is not the drama that A.I. was, and does not exceed The Chronicles of Riddick on the action movie scale, about the only thing it has is Will Smith.

3 out 5 stars

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