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Iron Monkey

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Iron MonkeyCrouching Tiger Without The Romance

Crouching Tiger is definitely a great film and probably deserves an Oscar for best film, but if you like just action, and can do without the great voicings of Coco Lee or the symphany that is Crouching Tiger’s sound track, then Iron Monkey is for you.

In Iron Monkey, a lone crusader doctor defends the poor and outcasted against corrupt government and their monk henchmen. Along with the help of a disciplined monk and his son, the Iron Monkey and his assistant nurse kick some serious butt in this martial arts film.

I watched this film in its original Chinese soundtrack, but there is an English dubbed track as well. The soundtrack is not impressive, and the film’s visual look is sometimes washed out and grainy.

The action sequences are original and of course cooler than ninja stars. The only other martial arts movie I have is Black Mask with Jet Lee, and I would have to say that Iron Monkey is next on my list now. If you feel like sitting back and watching action, then you can’t go wrong with a little Iron Monkey.

4 out 5 stars

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