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Jason X

Posted by Player under Horror

Jason XJason X: This time he’s killing teenagers in outer space.

New Line Cinema released a pretty nice DVD. Jason X is in DTS and Dolby Digital and is pretty clean transfer as far as video. For extras there is a 29 minutes introduction into the world of Friday The 13, with everyone talking about why Jason is evil and why he can’t die.

Film wise, Jason X is your basic Aliens plot, except in this case the alien is Jason and everyone in the crew is a little bit better looking. The year is around 2450, and a group of students discover on Earth a frozen girl and Jason. Since we could not kill him, it was decided to freeze him instead. The teenagers and their teacher, although they are highly evolved are just as stupid as ever and they unfreeze Jason and the girl. Jason soon starts killing people. They throw grunts at him, a vixen android at him, but he still keeps coming back. Along the way the ship is blown up, Jason is resurrected twice, and of course teenagers are killed in various ways.

Of course there are things that don’t make sense like the ending, why Earth is shown to be a horrible place in the beginning and then at the end, an Earth like planet is shown, but this time it looks picture perfect.

Overall if you like horror and sci-fi, this is not too bad of a mix of both genres, but it really is intended for Jason fans. The acting is not bad and the sets are pretty impressive.

For the geeks, Microsoft is mentioned negatively, and even though it is the future an Apple LCD monitor appears. Interestingly the Apple monitor brings Jason back to life. New Line Cinema must like Macs I guess.

4 out 5 stars

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