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Jersey Girl

Posted by Player under Drama

Jersey GirlKevin Smith’s Jersey Girl takes a detour from the Jay & Silent Bob antics of his previous films and tries to pull at your heart strings via an eight year-old girl and for the most part it works.

Some critics are calling this a lukewarm success for Smith, as this is the first serious movie he’s directed and written, but what most movie fans won’t care about that, all that they will care about is this a good movie? I want to say yes, because I would like to see more films like Jersey Girl made, but on the whole, Jersey Girl is good, but not great.

Ben Affleck plays Oliver Trinki, a successful guy who has a great life in New York, who has just met the love of his life, Gertrude (Jennifer Lopez). The two hit it off and get married and of course pregnant. At the birth of Jersy Girl, unfortunately, the mother dies and Oli is left to ponder the situation alone. He turns to his father played by George Carlin, who lives in New Jersey. After his father refuses to take care of the baby any longer, Oli takes Gerti to work with him and has the worst workday ever, resulting in the loss of his job. Fast-forward seven years and Gerti is now eight and Oli works with his father, street-sweeping. Father and daughter meet Liv Tyler, a dorky college student working in a video store. This leads to the first real romance in Oli’s life since Gerti’s mother.

Now as to why I liked Jersey Girl as a movie, well one thing is certain, I hate Disney more than I hate the Life Time channel, and Smith’s film is the first real film I’ve seen that talks about parenting without making it sound all perfect and stupid like most Disney films, (pretty much any Disney movie with Eddie Murphy nowadays). Through-out the film the word “shit” comes up and then there is of course Liv Tyler’s “Man cannot live on porn alone” line that you’d never hear in a Disney film. This makes Jersey Girl seem closer to what real life is, at least to me.

Affleck’s acting is good, he is somewhat believable, even when his character seems a little too far fetched. Carso is great as Gerti, and dam-it, maybe too perfect, considering she grew up without a mom. Liv Tyler’s performance is probably the best. Unlike in other films, where Tyler may be the pinnacle of beauty, in this film, she’s rather plain, some might even say ugly. From her non-shiny and boring hair to her nerd glasses, she really does look like the geek girl at the local video store. And that’s exactly why she’s dam hot!

In the end, Jersey Girl is a cute film about a father and his daughter and what parents can relate to. There are no Jay and Silent Bob jokes, there’s only Jersey Girl and Affleck.

4 out 5 stars

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