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Master And Commander

Posted by Player under Drama

Master and CommanderDuring its initial theatre release, Master & Commander was about the only good film out at the time, but still failed to garner the high audiences of Russell Crowe’s previous film, Gladiator. I guess this proves that stories of Rome have a universal appeal, while stories of a British Navy ship just don’t. On the other hand, in college most of my literature classes were in 18 and 19 century literature and I found it fascinating reading material, but as film, it never has ever worked for me, (well except for a couple of renditions of Wuthering Heights).

Master and Commander tells the story of two British friends. One is the caption, Lucky Jack, played by Russell Crowe and the other is the ship’s doctor who is quite an intellectual and a contrast to the military man that is Captain Jack. The epic story is centered on a new French ship that is sinking the British and who the captain has taken upon himself to defeat. Along the way, there are sacrifices from the crew, and even the ship’s doctor which challenge the captain to change his plans and his character.

The supporting cast is both large and well drawn out. There is a clear class system on board between regular men and military commanders. And if the character detail was not enough, the sets and the backgrounds are very rich and very detailed. Visually and audiowise this film is superb, the DTS 5-1 soundtrack of course is the best feature.

However Master and Commander just did not grab me as a great film, it is very good and it is presented even better, but I just was not interested. Perhaps others will disagree, but I think the story fails to appeal to a broader audience. I think women might find the film lacking too, as it is strictly a male world that is presented in the film.

3.5 out 5 stars

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