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Matrix Revolutions

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Matrix RevolutionsThe last chapter of The Matrix Trilogy hit the big screen and I was there with my nachos, popcorn, and extra large coke, eagerly anticipating the coolest film of the year. I have not been this excited about a film since, …well never!

First let me start out by talking about the storyline and how it has evolved and in most places gone away. Matrix reminds me a lot of Morrison’s The Lizard King. At first I studied it and took it apart and then came back and found that this particular text was really a symbolist work, where there is plenty of images or signs thrown at you and there is no one meaning, the reader is suppose to interpret the work as they see fit. Many reviews I read, focused on this by misreading it as just lack of focus or the Matrix being nothing more than philosophical text thrown out as filler for action scenes. But I think they are wrong. Though I will not argue that Matrix is a bit careless with its references at times, overall the whole symbolist reading works on most levels. There is also a point I’ve tried to make about audiences, that in today’s pop culture there are two significant groups that film makers try to reach, the first group is the classic/traditional audience, people who like their stories to be told and detailed and properly dialogued. The second group is younger, and more prone to identify with violence and lack of dialogue in their films. Some critics proclaim that younger audiences, generation X’ers included, only crave violent and meaningless plot, and they point to films like Matrix and Kill Bill as being nothing more than violence glorified. But again these critics are wrong. What we are really talking about in modern film is drama, what is drama and how do you display, express it, bring it to the audience??? Drama is conflict, and to younger auidences, the drama which violence expresses is just as valid as a film that is filled with subtle dialogue, but more importantly it has a history as well.

Everyone of my age and younger have grown up on Star Wars, and the a scene in Matrix Revolutions, where the marine commander fires his guns, reminds us of other similar scenes in Star Wars and in war films like Platoon. The scene signifies both the fantasy of sci-fi films and the futile nature of war. The scene is not just random violence, but a powerful signifier of past films, of past scenes, of very real drama.

Now as to the actual story line of Matrix, Matrix Reloaded, Matrix Revolutions…. it is basically a story of two peoples, one humans, one machines and how they relate to eachother and the world they share. Neo’s character becomes a religious symbol of what is perhaps the essential commonality that binds all species, which is meaning of existance. But unlike other films, Matrix takes the approach of not preaching religion, but only recommending it. In other words, God is an idea, not a contructed idealogy, the only thing that matters is faith, and the only thing you can do in life is act in accordance to your faith. The machines want to end conflict and just exist, to them the war is not a matter of revenge or evil, but maintaining their existence. Neo understands that to end the war, he must sacrifice, he must do what needs to be done. Agent Smith is the Anti-Neo, his counterpart and some would even say the stronger of the two. As Neo’s power grows, so does Smith, they are tied to eachother. Only Neo’s faith separates them.

So is Revolutions better than Reloaded?

Technically both films are the same movie, there is no actual separation, but then again you already knew that, just like you already knew that you are going to see Revolutions anyway, since you already invested so much time in Matrix and Reloaded.

Action & Re-Action:

What started out in Matrix as cool martial arts, transcends into video game fight scenes in Reloaded and then in Revolutions, but then again is not the Matrix one big video game?

At the end Neo and Smith fight what can only be described as the biggest comic book style fight ever filmed. It is essentially what the X-Men films should be doing, but have not managed to imitate at all.

Revolutions reminded me a lot of Empire Strikes Back, there’s romance, there’s war, there’s sacrifices, and there’s some cool flying. The only thing lacking was a little bit more humor, Revolutions is really grim throughout.

4 out 5 stars

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