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Meet The Feebles

Posted by Player under Comedy

Meet the FeeblesBefore Peter Jackson got huge applause for his Lord of the Rings Trilogy, he directed what is still considered one of the most demented and crued films of all time!

Meet the Feebles is perhaps one of the strangest films you can ever sit through. The film is actually about puppets much like the Muppets, but these puppets are not cute and child oriented. They are sick, disgusting, and in some scenes, you really need to have a strong stomach.

The story revolves around a broadway type show, which the Feebles are the main attraction. There is a horny Rabbit that plays the main host and who is featured in many puppet sex scenes that border on too sexually explicit for most audiences. Then there is the has been Hippo actress who is in the decline of her career. Then there are the really shady characters, like a Rat who tries to corrupt new starlets to be in his adult films, a fly that eats excrement and reports on the cast’s failing relationships off the stage.

Meet The Feebles is the cult classic of puppet movies, in what other film would you see a Walrus getting oral sex from a cat? So if you feel like grossing out your friends, then Peter Jackson’s got a film for you and it doesn’t have hobbits!

3.5 out 5 stars

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