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MonsterWhat is it with depressing naturalism films that makes them so prone for Oscar nomination? By now there’s Hilary Swank’s performance as a girl who wanted to be a boy in Boys Don’t Cry, to Halle Berry in Monster’s Ball, and now Charlize Theron helped produce and star in Monster, a film based on the life of a prostitute who turns serial killer.

Theron won the academy award for her performance, so obviously the acting is superb by Theron in Monster, but is it really a good film?

The story starts out with Theron’s character contemplating suicide. She is not a drug addict, but a prostitute who has lost her youthful looks a long time ago, and who has never known love ever in her life. She decides to spend her last five dollars from her last job, by walking into a gay bar, in which she meets a young innocent gay girl played by Christinia Ricci. She soon discovers that the young lesbian reminds her of her own youthful innocence before she discovered that in real life, the optimistic saying: “All you need is love,” is a bunch of bullshit.

But even with her best attempts and intentions, she can’t escape the life of prostitution and after being raped and killing her attacker, she begins a downward spiral of killing johns and trying to live out the fantasy of having a lover, even if that lover is another woman.

Perhaps the strangest but best line in the whole movie is when a john asks her to call him “Daddy”, and Theron saids, “Why? Do you like to fuck your kids?”.

Overall Monster is just as depressing as most naturalistic movies like Requim For A Dream, Monster’s Ball, and Boys Don’t Cry. There is no happy ending, and no love just doesn’t get you anything. This is evident when Ricci’s character is literally told that it is better to just give up the gay life, get married, fuck your husband, and live with it, cause that is what is expected of women.

The DVD has a good a picture as expected from a drama, and while surround effects don’t figure much into the film, there is a DTS Soundtrack which will sound more than adequate. The choosing of old 80’s love songs sung by likes of Steve Perry, is oddly appropriate in this film.

Overall Theron’s acting is superb, Ricci’s is not as spectacular as the short young lesbian, but does well enough to support Theron. Again, Monster, is not your typical feel-good feminist film, it is dark, and stays that way for its entirety.

4 out 5 stars

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