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Monsters, Inc

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Monters, Inc.When I took my son to view this movie in the theatres, it was a bit disappointing. We had a lot of high hopes for the film and when it did not live up to our expectations, of say ToyStory2 (Pixar’s last animation film), the result was a less than enthusiastic review. However the 2-disc DVD is a different story.

First a review, the story in Monsters, Inc is the old “there’s a monster is in my room” story which little kids often tell their parents about. Except that in this movie, it is true, there are monsters in a different world that enter through portal doors and scare kids in order to get their screams, which they in turn use as energy to power their world. The movie depicts a blue-green furry giant known as Sully (played by John Goodman) and his green one-eyed friend known as Mike Wazowski (played by Billy Crystal) as they deal with Boo (a little girl who has sneaked into the monster world). Along the way Sully learns about children and why it is wrong to scare them. The film has some tender moments for both child and parent and the humor is mostly aimed at younger children.

Due to the plot and humor, Monsters, Inc. does not reach the popularity of ToyStory2 which is Pixar’s best film to date. However, the DVD brings a lot more to the home viewing experience than most films, if you have children that is. At home, both my 4 year old and his younger partner in crime of 17 months thoroughly enjoy the film (quietly), which is amazing to watch if you are a parent.

Unlike the theatre, the DVD manages to have brighter and more accurate color. The video image is nothing short of spectacular and in widescreen mode the 5.1 enhanced Dolby Digital soundtrack has a lot of depth. From the smooth jazz music to the crashing sound effects, to the flying fur, the DVD movie experience is much better than the theatre, and isn’t that why you bought a DVD player in the first place?

If you have younger kids, I highly recommend you get Monsters, Inc and ToyStory2. They are Pixar’s best films to date. Bug’s Life and ToyStory1, are also good films, but I for one don’t recommend those for adult viewing. Another animated movie that will quiet the kids is Nickelodeon’s Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius.

5 out 5 stars

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