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Mr. 3000

Posted by Player under Comedy

Mr. 3000I grew up on the south side of Chicago, and like most kids, we would play baseball in the parking lot of our neighboring hot dog place. We would often lose a lot of baseballs by hitting them up into the Chicago Skyway, where we can only hope we did not cause too many accidents, but this was back in the 80’s and now I have no foundness for the game of baseball, or so I thought…

In Mr. 3000, a subtle and interesting Bernie Mac plays Stan Ross. A self-centered baseball player who quits the game immediately after making his 3000 hit, only to find out nine years later that he actually fell short of 3000 by 3 hits. Hoping to reclaim his glory and finally get accepted into the Hall of Fame, he signs back with his former team, The Brewers, and learns along the way why he loved baseball in the first place, and exactly where he went wrong in his youthful days.

In the locker room and on the field, he finds an unwelcomed reception by his fellow Brewers, who see him as a joke, and a loser. Off the field, Ross rekindles his off and on again relationship with ESPN reporter Mo (played by Angela Basset).

This film is really a movie for adults, it’s not a kids movie or even a movie for baseball fans. Bernie Mac’s comedy is always a bit more sophisticated than what most audiences are use to, so there is not rage out loud comedic moments, instead what you get is a very grown-up movie about learning to grow up. Ross is likeable, not because he starts out that way, but because he learns to love life for what it is, and not what we want it to be. Things, like trying to get along with people, doing the right thing, and making love instead of humping the one you’re with, are all things that one learns with time.

Angela Basset also plays a perfect counterpart to Mac’s Ross, with her impecable acting, she lends credibility to what an older, more mature woman can be, namely sexy as hell and as independant as she wants to be.

In the end, Bernie Mac’s lines, reminded me of why I use to play baseball on the south side of Chicago and why I miss playing a simple game that I was not that very good at. Maybe there was something good about growing up with baseball that I had forgotten until just now.

4 out 5 stars

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