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Prey For Rock’n’Roll

Posted by Player under Drama

Prey for Rock & RollEver since I watched the movie Face/Off, I’ve been strangely fascinated with Gina Gershon. She is not your typical brunet actress. Gershon just looks and talks differently from other women, and it is this that makes her appealing, and when you add movies like Show Girls and Bound, the appeal easily crosses gender lines, to the point, that now Gershon is not only popular with men, she’s absolutely famous in the gay community with both men and women.

In Prey for Rock & Roll, Gershon is stunning as Jacki, an aging guitarist and lead singer of her own struggling all girl rock band. Once again Gershon’s character is the strong female who may have her doubts at times, but who is as tough as any man. The most striking comeback in the film is when her drummer’s brother asks her how old she is, her response is a quick, “How big is your dick?”, meaning you don’t ask a woman her age in this society, just as you don’t ask a man to tell you how long his sex organ is.

The storyline sees Jacki keeping her band together in spite of her drug addicted bass player and her tragedy stricken drummer. Her only solace is Lori Petty’s character, who is the ever positive lead guitarist. Oh and of course her drummer’s brother who just showed up out of prison and who is attracted to the older Jacki.

Overall the acting could have been better by the supporting cast in some scenes, and the music, well that is usually personal preference, but on average it could have been better as well. Gershon does all her own singing, which is pretty unusual in rock movies nowadays, which comes off as being more believable, but again, the music just did not work most of the time, except for the “Every Six Minutes” song that becomes a major statement about women’s vulnerability and their will to not be victims.

In the end, though Prey For Rock’n’Roll is worth watching not because of Gershon, but because major Hollywood films today lack not only believability, but legitimacy. A lower budget film like Prey For Rock’n’Roll, is not suppose to make you feel better about the world, it is suppose to show you how some women still manage to survive in this world. And for that it makes no apologies, and it asks nothing of you. As Jacki saids, “I use to watch all these movies, to pretend I was somewhere else than where I was at; But now I don’t watch movies anymore.”

3 out 5 stars

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