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Lord Of War

Posted by Player under Drama

Yuri Orlov (Nicholas Cage) is your typical American immigrant with big dreams of success, who ends up becoming a very successful dealer in the illegal arms market. The film details how Yuri goes from unwelcomed wanna-be to the main arms dealer for African nations. The main catalyst of Yuri’s success ends up being the fall of The Soviet Union and the billions in weapon stockpiles that are left in former republics.

Yuri is a character at odds with himself. On the one hand he is responsible for warlords being able to supply children with weapons, yet he won’t allow his own child to play with a toy gun! The irony is not lost on himself either, but in the end arms dealing is all that Yuri is good at and he likes being good at something, just like everyone else.

Lord Of War is interesting and while the political message is blatantly more obvious towards the end, the film is still entertaining. Personally though, Nicholas Cage’s acting is not spectacular, while Cage did not ruin the film, Lord Of War could have been much better with another strong lead actor.

3.5 out 5 stars

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