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Resident Evil

Posted by Player under Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Resident EvilBasing a film on a popular video game doesn’t always work, the various failed attempts of such movies as Double Dragon, Super Mario Brothers, and to some extent the recent Angelina Jolie Tomb Raider movie are all quite forgettable. Luckily Resident Evil has some things going for it.
The main attraction is definitely Milla Jovovich. You might remember her from her other movies, like The Fifth Element where she plays the red headed alien, or from such dramas as Return To Blue Lagoon. The actress slash model always gives a good performance and Resident Evil is no exception. Unfortunately, it is hard not to compare Jovovich’s character to Sigourney Weaver’s role in Aliens; essentially Resident Evil is the same Aliens 2 plot but instead of evil acid aliens, you have virus infected dead people otherwise known as zombies trying to eat you. Michelle Rodriguez plays the hard bad-ass soldier character who complements Jovovich’s main character Alice. Given this contrast, the Alice character has to be more than just tough, she has to be sensitive and smart, a less dimensional character would not work with Rodriguez already being the brawn in the movie. Given all this, then Jovovich really does manage a good performance, considering this is after all a horror slash science fiction movie.

It wouldn’t be an Aliens 2 plot movie without a computer like “Mother” or “Father”, and Resident Evil goes for the grand daddy of all evil computers, namely HAL from 2001. The computer or artificial intelligence is named Red Queen and she takes the physical form of either a red camera eye or a 3-D image of a small 6 year old. Red Queen is just one of three of the bad things inside the Hive. The Hive is an underground research facility built by the Umbrella Corp, a multi-national corporation. The movie begins with Red Queen killing everyone in the Hive and then a group of marine soldiers taking Alice and one other outsider into the depths of the Hive to investigate why Red Queen has started killing the Hive citizens. From there on we learn of the evils of genetic research, viruses, and of course a red monster who resembles the Spider-Man villain Carnage. Act 2: the characters learn they need to get out of the Hive, and Act 3: they fight their way out.

The thing about science fiction movies like Aliens and Resident Evil, is that you really need to make it look real, with plenty of tunnels, pipes that drip water and steam, and plenty of blood. Surprisingly this movie manages to do just that and even have many of the scenes in good lighting and not the usual dark and dim color of most special effects films.

Resident Evil is actually quite tame and not as gory as Blade 2. The film relies more on suspense than violence and cursing to get the point across. The soundtrack is provided via Marilyn Manson and amazingly it is not annoying, and suits most of the scenes quite well.

In conclusion, Resident Evil is an interesting film. The characters are compelling enough to watch, given the genre, and the story line is a proven sci-fi plot. I for one, love Jovovich, and will watch any movie she is in. Maybe it’s that she fights in a mini skirt that makes the fim more believable for me?

4 out 5 stars

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