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Resident Evil: Apocalypse

Posted by Player under Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Resident Evil: ApocalypseThe 2004 Summer season nose dived for movies. Other than Spider-man 2, there really were not spectacular films this year. Not that Hollywood did not try, it is just that films like I, Robot failed to really deliver. I guess you can still count Resident Evil: Apocalypse as the last summer movie, even though it came out in the first days of Fall. REA, has everything that a summer movie is suppose to have, namely action, a famous star, and a plot that makes very little sense.

For REA, Milla is back as Alice. This time we learn that the Umbrella corporation took Alice to Racoon City, where they did all sorts of experiments on her to mutate her even more into a super weapon. Too bad the T-virus was too powerful to contain, and so the city gets quickly infected, making Umbrella close off the entire city and using it as a big lab rat experiment. Those left inside, team up with Alice in order to get out.

In between Alice battles dogs, mutated monsters, and the nemesis project, who looks like a big Toxic Avenger.

Half way through the film you notice something though, REA is not a zombie film like the first Resident Evil. It’s an action movie where guns and fighting scenes take center stage. In fact the last half of the movie is not really zombie driven at all. The action scenes in REA suffer from the whole too-fast to see editing which is reminiscent of Gladiator. I also wished that REA had not taken place almost entirely at night, because I would like to have seen more detail of the various locations. However, REA does feature a lot of jump from your seat scenes, so if you expected to be scared, there are plenty of surprises for you.

I should also mention there are a couple of nipple shots of Milla. For some reason, Milla Jovovich is always having to be naked in her sci-fi roles, so REA is no different.

If you liked the first Resident Evil movie, you probably will like REA. It features great sound effects, interesting action scenes, and throws realism out the window, which is why you go to the movies in the first place.

As the last real action movie, I’m glad I went to go see REA, cause Aliens Versus Predator sucked big time, and I needed something to get over that film.

3 out 5 stars

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