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S.W.A.T.Another summer action movie which stars Collin Ferrel, Samual L. Jackson, Michelle Rodriguez, and a few other recognizable actors. The movie centers on Ferrel, who plays an ex-navy seal by the name of Street. He is pretty much the quiet character with the skills to make it in SWAT, but his chief hates him and assigns him to desk duty early on. That all changes when Jackson, who plays the old style SWAT captain returns to lead a new squad. Street along with five other officers become the new squad and they are handed a tough assignment to escort an international crime lord, and this is where the action starts.

The film itself does not really rewrite the action genre, nor does it have special effects that take away from the story line. Pretty much all the characters are not really gone into, but the over all story is not cheapened. In fact SWAT does something that most other films don’t do, it actually shows you some cops doing their job with a little action thrown in of course. There are no big heroes like in most other films, most of the time Ferrel plays such a quiet tough guy, you start to realize this is how most heroes are suppose to be, pretty quiet about their jobs.

Sound wise, the film sounded good, and the soundtrack which is a mix of the usual techno, grunge, rock was okay and not too annoying in most places. Visuals were crisp and sharp and colorful.

SWAT will make a good DVD to watch and if you like cop movies, then this one is not too bad.

Though I have to wonder why Ferrel looks surprised through out most of this film. The guy just has this look about him.

3 out 5 stars

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