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The Ballad of Jack and Rose

Posted by Player under Drama

The Ballad of Jack and RoseOne of the most controversial films I saw last year was The Ballad of Jack and Rose, where Daniel Day-Lewis plays an environmentalist who is raising his only daughter Rose (Camilla Belle) as best he can. But unlike the usual father-daughter movie, this story crosses the line of parental love as it becomes clear that Rose is in love with her father. Jack starts to realize that the life he has chosen may have damaged Rose and prevented her from having a normal life. Due to Jack’s health, he knows he does not have much time and so he persuades a woman he knows to move onto the island with him and Rose. However, the results prove to be disastrous to everyone involved.

Between the idealism of Jack and Rose’s innocence, there is something fragile to be said about this film. The performances by everyone involved are good, but the film’s underlying premise of the forbidden (although innocent) relationship between father and daughter proves to be too much for me, and somehow I do not believe Rebecca Miller (the director) pulled it off. The premise ends up being bigger than the film.

4 out 5 stars

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