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V for Vendetta

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V For VendettaPerhaps, we like to think of ourselves as being reasonably intelligent, even somewhat open and responsive to artistic points of view, but perhaps we are not. Perhaps, we watch movies as an escape and the action film is not meant to make us think or be political. It is a puzzling predicament that we ask Hollywood to come out with better films and yet at the same time to not insult our sensibilities. And this is the predicament that we find ourselves in if we watch V for Vendetta, a captivating film that tries to aspire to some lofty political ideals and at the same time present some thrilling action sequences.

The film depicts the political transformation of Evey (played by Natalie Portman). In the beginning Evey is a young woman who lives in fear of the government, but when she is rescued by a mysterious masked man, her life changes. At the end Evey is a woman without fear and it will become her choice ultimately if the entire British government should be toppled or remain in power.

In between, Hugo Weaving as V is one of the most charismatic heroes in a long time. He kills swiftly, but with care, leaving always a flower for his victims. The final battle scene does not disappoint either.

But what makes V different from other films is that unlike other Hollywood films, V actually speaks volumes about today’s political climate. Everything that Hollywood has tried to avoid talking about directly, V openly talks about. The political ideals of personal liberty, freedom from government intervention, and choice are repeated throughout the film, but one can only wonder if today’s generation of iPod users are actually tuning in or just waiting for the next action scene.

5 out 5 stars

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