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Friday Night Lights

Posted by Player under Drama

Friday Night LightsAmerican Football is as classic as the American Sports movie, and what better way to celebrate both football and sports movies than with another football movie. Friday Night Lights tries to capture the essence of Texas High School Football, and after watching this film, you will never doubt the grandness of highschool football or more specifically small town Texas highschool football to be exact.

Unlike feel-good sports movies that show how cool it is to be a jock or quickly show you how some characters help eachother out during the tough times, Friday Night Lights gets to the heart of the matter, namely Winning is EVERYTHING! You see the pressure on the coach, played by Billy Bob Thornton, the pressure of fathers, mothers, the whole town in fact. The film covers some of the racial overtones which are depicted in the book, but it never spotlights them like the book and instead focuses on the struggle to win no matter what.

While not as depressing as say Monster’s Ball, or cheesy like the Denzel Titans movie, Friday Night Lights feels realistic, gritty, like you are actually there in small town Texas, like you can almost kick the dirt and smell the air around you. The characters feel real enough, the scenery is equally depicted, even if some parts feel stereotypical or familiar, you still get it.

Friday Night Lights has been called the best damm sports film of all time, and I had to say it comes close as far as feeling it and being there, but while the film captures the essense of the struggle to get to The Game, it does nothing to make you like any of its characters or to even like the game of football and all its grandness or dare I say exaggerations. In the end, you feel like you’ve seen how the pressure and expectations all lead up to one play in one game in one minute of your life that adds up to one great moment of either the grandest of successes or the most devastating failure. But not once did I really feel I wanted to play football and that is what is missing from the film. The love of the game.

3.5 out 5 stars

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