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Inside Man

Posted by Player under Drama

Inside ManInside Man, features the ever popular Clive Owen as a bank robber who takes over a New York City bank to steal something other than money. It is then up to Denzel Washington, who plays the smooth hostage negotiator to figure out what the bank robber’s intentions really are. Along the way though, Jodie Foster makes an appearance as a high priced broker known only as Miss White, who tries to manipulate the situation for the bank’s owner. In between all of this, director Spike Lee makes sure to paint a colorful portrait of New York City life, with all its racial tensions and candor. However Inside Man lacks action and though the dialogue is interesting, the film becomes too predictable and in some places even unbelievable.

Clive Owen is perhaps the most popular actor right now, and while he does deliver a few moments of his typical “man pushed too far” character, it is not enough to make this movie memorable. Even Denzel Washington seems to just be along for the ride and does not deliver anything exciting in his role. The only real surprise is Jodie Foster who plays a woman you love to hate. The C word is even used to describe Miss White, and I must admit that even though Foster is no longer the young actress in Silence of The Lambs, she looks impeccable and down right sexy. I look forward to Foster playing more villain type characters in the future.

Other critics found Inside Man too commercial and even dull, but it is a decent film and like most of Spike Lee’s other films, it is all New York City. Being from Chicago myself, that does not always work for me.

3 out 5 stars

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