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HostelThis weekend was horror movie weekend for me as I took in the delights of two major films. The first reviewed here was Eli Roth’s Hostel, a delightful movie for horror and gore fans and then the more dramatic and suspenseful Wolf Creek. To begin with Hostel is a film that does not take itself too seriously, because it’s part American Pie slash Euro Trip and then becomes something more horror oriented, along the same lines of Saw, (that is if Saw was actually a better film than it is, which it is not). The story starts out with three guys looking for action in Europe. The two Americans are Paxton and Josh and their new buddy Oli who is from Iceland. Josh is the sensitive guy and Paxton is the strong one, while Oli is the funny guy who enjoys playing jokes on everyone. The three get a hot tip from a guy that there are hot women in Slovakia and that they are totally available. Our heroes find themselves on the first train to Slovakia, only to discover that yes there are hot women to be had, but that Slovakia is also one strange place.

Eventually the horror begins and Hostel becomes one very upsetting film. The torture devices are brought out and limbs are cut, stabbed, burned, and even surgically operated on. Our one hero left is Paxton who is taken prisoner himself and who needs to find a way to escape and seek proper vengeance on these evil people.

I must admit the film does make you want to look away in some places, but at the same time it poses such interesting and fun questions. What other movie would feature children killing in broad daylight? And what a genius idea by a director to depict children murdering for bubblegum?

At the end, it helps that I could sit down and watch the three part documentary of the making of Hostel and see that this was all fake and that Slovakia is not at all the murderous place that Eli Roth depicts in the film. As a whole Hostel has sub par acting, lots of nudity, plenty of blood and gore, and some incredibly bad lines, so yes, it is an awesome film.

4.5 out 5 stars

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