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The Motorcycle Diaries

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The Motorcycle DiariesOne of the more talked about films this year was The Motorcycle Diaries, partly because it is suppose to be based on the young Che Guevara, before he turned communist and revolutionary. Essentially any time you make a film about a controversial political figure like Che, you are bound to get some attention. But if you don’t care about the real man, or the politics that Che represented, than The Motorcycle Diaries is an interesting film.

Our story starts out with two idealists, a younger Ernesto (Che) and his friend who is almost 30, start out on an adventure to travel the whole of South America, and then to North America. They are doing this of course to have an adventure and to have something to tell their kids when they get fat and old. Alberto, is by far the more go-lucky one of the two, while Ernesto is the more honest and more shy of the two. They begin their journey on Alberto’s beat-up motorcycle and arrive at what are Ernesto’s relative’s plantation. This is their last stop of comfort, as the rest of their trip will find them along side the poor, the sick, and the homeless. Ernesto had finished pre-med schooling and is on track to become a doctor, while Alberto is a chemist and is looking for to start his career.

Along the way the two end up in some desperate situations, that make for some dramatic, but also comical moments. Between stealing a meal or two, and crashing their motorcycle, the trip proves to be a little more difficult than the two imagined. By the time they reach Peru, the film takes a bit more mature tone, as our two heroes find themselves in a leper colony, taking care of the sick. By this time Ernesto has seen the injustice of latin america, and when he talks about it politically the first and only time in the film, his audience is less than excited about it.

What follows are a bit more scene changes, and the film ends without one controversial scene. Essentially what we get out of the film is a glossing over of the change that occurs in the middle-class Ernesto. Some viewers will surely find the film rather disappointing in this respect.

Visually, many of the scenes in the film are very detailed, and you really do get a feel for the landscape and the people.

Overall The Motorcycle Diaries was interesting, but not spectacular

3 out 5 stars

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