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The Village

Posted by Player under Thrillers

The VillageOriginally written by my friend Hoboscratch:

Don’t go see. Don’t rent. In fact, forget it ever existed. Worst movie I ever seen!

Spoilers Ahead!!!

If you’re familiar with M. Night Shyamalan’s movies, you should be aware that there’s some sort of twisted ending, or shocker of some sort. Well, this movie attempts that and fails to deliver. Based on the previews, you might believe that this movie will be scary, or at least slightly thrilling. And it is, for about the first third. The previews tell you that there are creatures in the forest on the boundary of this village in the valley, and over time, these people have learned to live with them, and the creatures with the people. Good enough, I can deal with that.

The love story in this movie is of the bravest man in this historical village and the blind girl. He is not scared of the creatures while everyone else is, and appears to risk his life to protect the blind girl. Decent so far I guess, a couple “jumpy,” tense moments.

Then you see one of these creatures, and the first thing that comes to my mind is that Shyamalan just read Little Red Riding Hood. The thing is in a red hooded cloak, and appears to be wolf like, with a lot of claws and spikes and the such. Ok, not as scary as I had expected.

Then as it turns out, the brave guy has been stabbed, nearly to death, by the local insane man, who just happened to be in love with the blind girl. The blind girl offers to travel through the woods to the “towns” (which are mentioned in ill light) to get medicine to save him. Her father, one of the great elders of the town, admits to her that there are no creatures, and people just dress up in suits to keep the townsfolk at bay, to prevent them from entering the woods. He tells the girl there’s nothing to worry about, and lets her go to the “towns.” Along the way, she encounters a creature, and despite being blind, kills it by tricking it into falling into a deep ravine.

It turns out to be the insane guy in the suit, who was apparantly trying to kill her. Anyway, the blind girl continues on, and comes to a fence which she climbs. She is seen by none other than a park ranger at a national wildlife preserve! Oh wow, the twist was that a bunch of people got tired of society, hid away in the preserve, started a life similar to what the amish might cherish, and made up these creatures to keep their people from leaving! All the while, everyone but a few in the village think that the world is really like the historical liefe they’ve been living! Sweet! Wait, no, I mean, stupid! Anyway, the park ranger helps the girl, says nothing, and she goes back to be seen as a hero. You’re left with a feeling of….Wtf was that??

2 out 5 stars

Reader's Comments

  1. Player |

    I finally got a chance to watch this film on DVD, and I’d have to say that The Village is not a bad film, in fact it is rather entertaining as a romance. As a thriller or as a scary movie, yeah, it fails even before it starts. I kind of want to compare it to Cold Mountain in which an unlikely romance blossoms, but somehow I think The Village pulls it off better than Nicole Kidman and Jude Law.

    The problem with The Village is that it is trying to be something it is not, mainly a scare-me thriller. Perhaps it is not so much that the film is bad as much as its audience is expecting something else. As a reader of 18 and 19 Century novels, this movie feels right, both in its look and in its performances. The soundtrack is subtle and compliments well the characters.

    What is wrong is that The Village, never frightens you and even when it does, the suspension of disbelief is just way too out there for most of us to jump in whole heartedly. The scary woods is deader than skull bones, yet these people live off the land, there has to be animals right? Where’s your occasional squirrel, or Bambi?

    I would have to say that I liked this picture better than Signs, even though I thought Signs had better moments. The problem for me is that I hated the ending in Signs and in this movie the ending is perhaps not bad, but definitely the whole center of this movie should have been the romance and not the scary elements.

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