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Wolf Creek

Posted by Player under Horror

Wolf CreekIf you read my review of Hostel, and thought that the film might be too gore oriented and not have enough suspense, then perhaps you should consider Wolf Creek instead. Unlike Hostel, Wolf Creek is a well rounded film with good dialogue, incredible cinematography, and developed characters. It is essentially the tale of three college aged friends. Liz (Cassandra Magrath) and Kristy (Kestie Morassi) are young British girls on vacation and their native Australian friend Ben (Nathan Phillips) is trying to show them the cool sites. They end up going deep into the outback to look at a giant crater named Wolf Creek. This is when the landscape and desolation of the Australian Outback starts to show itself in the film, and you can’t help but think how vulnerable people really are in the middle of nowhere. Ben’s car breaks down of course and in the middle of the night they are rescued by an outback man, who agrees to tow their car to his home and repair it. The film soon turns very dark, as Mick is no ordinary outback man, he’s a serial killer! John Jarrett’s portrayal of the homicidal outback man is so great, I’m sure they will probably make a Wolf Creek 2, as the character is that frightening!

Wolf Creek does take a while to develop into a suspenseful horror film, but once it does, the film does not disappoint. Most of all this film was shot in Hi-Def Video and it looks absolutely amazing for being such a low budget film. Suspense fans will appreciate the look and feel of the film, while horror fans will love Mick’s trademark laugh and sadistic nature. In all there is something for everyone to enjoy in Wolf Creek.

4.5 out 5 stars

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