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Tomb Raider II

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Tomb Raider II: The Cradle of LifeAngelie Jolie is back again as the ever busty and hot video game character, Lara Croft. This time the plot surrounds a mysterious amber orb that looks much like a rusty disco ball, but in fact holds a secret map to the secret location of the legendary Pandora’s Box.

Fans of the video game will wonder where all the secret maps and cave trails are in this movie, cause Cradle of Life looks and feels more like a James Bond film than an Indiana Jones remake. Most of the action takes place outside or in city landscapes that remind you of the last three Bond films.

Some critics have stated that Paramount basically ripped off every other film and put together a movie that offers nothing new or exciting, but honestly I hated the first Tomb Raider film and I actually liked this one better. However, one thing that almost everyone can agree on, is that the Lara Croft character is pretty cold and that perhaps no Tomb Raider film will ever really work until a director changes this and makes a character that the audience can identify with on some level.

As for technical aspects, Cradle of Life looks great and sounds great. The film is colorful and most landscapes are rich in detail, but unlike the first film, this time around some of the indoor sets are not as complicated and elaborate as the first film, in fact they are pretty tame in comparison.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a decent action film, Cradle of Life is interesting, but due to the Lara Croft character flaw, you won’t really be that much into it.

2.5 out 5 stars

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