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TorqueI was not sure what to expect from Torque, it definitely wanted to copy The Fast & Furious type of films, but instead of cars, it was motorcycles. Given that The Fast & Furious plot was stolen from Pointbreak, there really is not much about Torque that can be sighted as being original. The film features a lot of stunt driving and CGI to wow you with high speed action, so if you are into motorcycles, you will probably have some interest in this film.

As for the plot, well, wrongly accused bad boy comes back to change things and gets into a lot of trouble, while at the same time trying to romance the girl. Usually this would be a great plot for a Cinemax late night movie, but you will find no nudity or sex in this film, it’s all about riding motorcycles, and trying to avoid the bad guys.

Other reviews of the film have stated that Torque makes fun of itself, which can be totally true in some points, but overall I thought this was the worse film I’ve seen on DVD all year. Not even Jamie Pressley as the hot brunet bad girl, was enough to keep me interested.

1.5 out 5 stars

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